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Da' Hitman presents Deonte "Featuring Deonte"

Deonte and Da' Hitman had teamed up previously on Deonte's "Grown Man Shit" mixtape back in September of 2010 (GROWN MAN SHIT), but the growth of both the artist and the DJ since that time has been leaps and bounds. Now Da' Hitman returns with Deonte to release Deonte's mixtape "FEAUTRING DEONTE" which includes a Dallas "Who's Who" list of talent: Doughski G, Big Chief, Lil Wil, T-Cash, C-Fat, Tum Tum, Big Doughski G, Nick Nitty, J.B., Mr Lucci, Paul Wall, Smoke Dza, Lil Ronnie, Teleoso, Que P, Guapo, Mr Pookie, Monsta Mon, Stubb-a-Lean, Lil Man, and J Dawg.

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Mixtape: Featuring Deonte

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01 Hitman - Introducing the Greatest Man Alive
02 Doughski G ft Deonte, Big Chief, Lil Wil - Rollin
03 T-Cash ft Deonte - Dats My Bitch
04 C-Fat ft Deonte - Texas
05 Tum Tum ft Deonte, Big Doughski G, Lil Wil - Award Winning
06 Lil Wil ft Deonte and Nick Nitty - My Bone
07 Deonte - Money Makes It
08 J.B. ft Deonte - Loner
09 Mr Lucci ft Deonte, Big Doughski G, T- Cash - Sexual Harassment
10 Tum Tum ft Deonte - Cannabis Club 2
11 Tum Tum, Paul Wall, Smoke Dza ft Deonte - How We Chill
12 Lil Ronnie ft Deonte - Unbreakable
13 Teleoso ft Deonte - Down
14 Que P ft Deonte - Pick Up
15 Deonte Shout Outs
16 Nick Nitty, Deonte, Big Doughski G & Guapo - Fly Away
17 Deonte, Mr Lucci, Mr Pookie, Lil Wil, JB, C-Fat, Monsta Mon, Big Doughski G, T-Cash - For Da Nutty Nawf
18 Mr Lucci ft Deonte - Tough Love
19 Monsta Mon ft Deonte and C-Fat - Whip It
20 Mr Lucci, Stubb-a-Lean & Deonte - Mo Money Mo Problems
21 Lil Man ft Deonte - Come Down
22 Doughski G ft Deonte, J Dawg, Mr Lucci - Neva Change

02 @DoughskiG @DEONTE214 @bigchiefa @mrmydougie
03 @TCash_SHM @DEONTE214
04 @CFat13030 @DEONTE214
05 @Zillaman @DEONTE214 @DoughskiG @mrmydougie
06 @mrmydougie @DEONTE214 and Nick Nitty
07 @DEONTE214
08 @NawfDallasJB @DEONTE214
09 @MrLucciDallas @DEONTE214 @DoughskiG @TCash_SHM
10 @Zillaman @DEONTE214
11 @Zillaman @paulwallbaby @smokedza @DEONTE214
12 @iAmLilRonni @DEONTE214
13 @Teleoso @DEONTE214
14 @quepdaprodigy @DEONTE214
15 @DEONTE214
16 Nick Nitty, @DEONTE214 @DoughskiG @GuapoStarr
17 @DEONTE214 @MrLucciDallas @realmrpookie @mrmydougie @NawfDallasJB @CFat13030 @MONSTAMONPMR @DoughskiG @TCash_SHM
18 @MrLucciDallas @DEONTE214
20 @MrLucciDallas @stubbalean @DEONTE214
21 @LilManOfficial @DEONTE214
22 @DoughskiG @DEONTE214 @Jdawgbho @MrLucciDallas

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